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Personal training has changed significantly over the last few years. Traditionally personal training was one trainer to one client. This model allows for a very high level of attention in terms of educational time (nutrition, training benefits, reasons behind what we are doing, etc), spotting, counting reps, accountability, and so forth. This model is a fantastic way to achieve your goals and has had significant success for several generations.


However, today personal training has been moving towards small group personal training. This is not at all like group fitness, because it is 100% tailored to the individual. This model allows you to have the accountability, personal programming, trainer instruction, and motivation with less trainer to client discussion and more client to client time. This training style can be private or public.


The private program is for those who want to train with friends, family, coworkers and your best friends second cousin twice removed. Your group can pick any available time to have your private session.


Not everyone has friends, family, or friends who are interested in the same things.... such as exercise. Beyond that it can be downright difficult to lock down times that work for everyone’s schedule. For this we have our small group personal training. We provide times that allow for a maximum of 6 people to register (refer to our schedule; if times don’t meet your schedule contact us). This way you don’t need to worry about when your partner’s shifts are, vacations, or when sickness strikes. All you have to worry about is your own performance.

One On One

The highest end service that TBF offers is 100% catered to your needs, wants and goals. Because no two people are the same, no two programs are ever the same. You will have a tailored, one of a kind program that is customized to you and your goals. There is no “basic program” here. No beginner or advanced cookie cutter programs. We start with your goals, likes and dislikes. From there we assess physical needs, limitations and look at areas of injury prevention. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey, training for your first marathon, wanting to shed some weight or training as an athlete, the team at TBF has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Private Group Training

There are a number of benefits to training with a partner such as, motivation, accountability, shared goals and interests, and cost savings.  In a doubles training program, you will receive the same personalized approach to your training that you would in a one on one setting. Our experienced staff are more than capable of delivering quality hours and programs.

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