Our Group Fitness Programs offer a level of coaching and accountability that is unique in the market place. We focus on a variety of training types in our Group Fitness classes. From locomotion training to kettlebell workouts. we also incorporate cardiovascular training, strength training, parallette training and calisthenics in our classes. We are driven by the aspect of becoming fitter, faster, more mobile, more flexible, more stable, more agile, stronger, and have more control of the body. Total Balance Fitness greatly values the importance of proper technique and form in every exercise. We do all this in a safe, caring, passionate, pain-free, and injury-free environment and mindset.

Locomotion Training:

The three main components of training are strength, flexibility/mobility, and motor control. Strength is the motive force behind athleticism and develops muscle mass. When it comes to performing at your best, you need both flexibility and mobility. Whereas, motor control is important because it allows us to be able to move and control the body.


In most training programs, you will get stronger, some will improve flexibility and mobility, and very few will improve motor control. Locomotion training…animal movement…primal movement…movement training…whatever you want to call it, will make you stronger, more agile, and better prepared for what you decide to do in your training.

Kettlebell Training:

Kettlebell training is a great training tool that combines cardio and strength training. It improves flexibility, stability, and strength that dumbbells and barbells do not do. Kettlebell training focuses on movements and whole-body functional training.


Since the brain knows movements and not muscles, you become more coordinated with kettlebell use. Thus, kettlebell exercises train your body to work as a unit. This type of training also has a greater cardio benefit with repetitive kettlebell ballistic drills. It challenges more muscles, practically the entire body for a total-body cardiovascular adaptation.

Cardiovascular  Training:

Cardio means “heart” and vascular means “vessels that circulate fluids”. Thus, cardio exercise typically refers to activities that cause a sustained increase in your heart rate and breathing and consequently, an increase in the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body to the muscles you’re working.

Cardio is not just running for long distances, we believe in different types of cardiovascular training. Some examples are fast-paced body weight exercises, cycling, stair drills, skip rope drills, weight training, kettlebell training, interval training, etc. that will increase the heart rate. Cardio is beneficial because it helps burn calories, improves metabolism and strengthens the heart and lungs.

Strength Training:

“If a muscle never gets activated, it won’t grow. To make muscle grow, it must be stimulated on a regular basis.” In this type of training, we focus on a variety of methods like using free weights, barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells through light, moderate or heavy lifting to build muscle and strength. Strong and healthy muscles and bones is important in day to day activities.

Paralette Training:

Paralette bars are versatile and can be used across a wide range of exercises, allowing you to target specific areas of your body through a single piece of equipment. Paralette training can help gain full body power with the ability to workout different muscle groups to suit your aim. P-bar training is fundamental in improving flexibility, core strength, shoulder strength, hip health, and back health. It also improves body control and coordination by focusing on “holding” positions and gradual movements.

Not only are you working on controlling your body and adding strength, you will also develop the kind of enviable balanced physique of a gymnast. This type of training promotes tight abdominal muscles, toned arms, shoulders, chest and back.


Calisthenic training is a form of exercise where you use the weight of your own body to build muscle. This type of training will promote the growth of lean muscle mass, and increase your mobility, flexibility, agility and endurance. It also improves coordination, stability and muscular control. Like parallette training, calisthenic bodies also have lean and toned muscles.


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