Whether you are a seasoned athlete or wanting to complete your first event. We have a program for you. complete your first marathon feeling prepared for the task at hand, have an enjoyable time completing an obstacle race like tough mudder, or even reach new levels in your sport.

Sport Nutrition

We work with a variety of athletes 8 years old and above competing in nearly every sport. Whether you are an individual athlete competing in endurance events, strength and power sports, a team athlete, or competing in a weight class sport, we can help you with your performance nutrition related challenges.


  • Evaluation of sports-specific nutrition needs and actual food intake.
  • Fueling before, during, and after training and competitions.
  • Address common sports-related problems like muscle cramping, GI issues, sports anemia, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Safe weight management – weight loss and weight gain.
  • Fueling to maximize muscle gain.
  • Optimizing performance through improved eating habits.
  • Getting adequate nutrition with special diets like vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.
  • Fueling for endurance events such as marathons, ultras, and triathlons as well as tournaments and competitions.


We start with a nutrition assessment and then continue on with nutrition sessions as needed.

Athletic Development

Regardless of what sport or discipline an athlete competes in, he/she needs a personalized and extremely specific training program to stay competitive. In sport today, this is starting to happen at a younger and younger age. Each athlete will have different needs, the expertise and “Team” approach of our training staff ensures each athlete the best chance at being successful. Our coaches have experience working with NHL, NFL, CFL athletes as well as numerous CIS and NCAA athletes and have current affiliations with Basketball BC and Basketball Canada. Each athlete will receive an FMS (Functional Movement Screen) at the onset of their training program to help with appropriate programming and progressions.


We love powerlifting!

We are a personal training and Online coaching service that advocates and promotes powerlifting as a means of physical and emotional self-improvement. We use a four-pronged, evidence based approach that addresses training, nutrition, mobility and affective regulation.


No cookie cutters here. Each program is developed after a detailed analysis of the athlete’s history, technique evaluation, and equipment availability. Further, your program will be continually altered as we discover new sticking points and technique breakdown.


The name of the game in powerlifting is to improve the total amount lifted in the big 3 lifts (squats, bench, and deadlift). Nothing is more satisfying then getting a new personal record, knowing you are stronger than the you from before. We work to create and maintain sound, year-round programs for both beginning strength athletes and experienced powerlifters; with continual progress while remaining injury-free is our top priority.  We look to provide the correct amount of training stimulus to each individual athlete. Our powerlifting programming is determined by an athlete's present and future goals, and periodized over the short, medium, and long term.

Meet Preparation:

Preparation for a powerlifting meet involves a number of confusing factors. It is a difficult task sifting through the multitude of conflicting opinions on how to be optimally prepared for competition platform.  Some of the questions you will face are: Should one diet into competition, or cut water?  What about food timing, training progression and taper, fluid intake, warm-up regimen, mentality the day of the competition, and many more variables?  Let Total Balance Fitness lead you through the old school philosophies and into a science-based comprehension of what will actually work for you.  With a program fully tailored to your needs and current condition, we will help you avoid training plateaus, injuries, setbacks, and anything else stopping you from continually progressing both on and off the platform.


Is lack of range of motion affecting performance, or causing repeated injuries? We can help.

Lifting Dynamics

Breaking down complex movements and giving meaningful cues to work toward better technique. Become more efficient with the squat, bench press, and deadlift.


Training changes to break plateaus and keep you progressing, using science and application-based principles.


We can suggest all-new approaches as well. Sometimes, simply another way of looking at a problem, a different way of dividing frequency or volume is all you need.

Off Season Plans:

We can help structure an offseason, including periodized blocks over the weeks and months of your offseason, based on your goals and timeline.

Event Training

At Total Balance Fitness, we believe that challenge is the key to growth. We pride ourselves on developing a community of unity and comradery. Event and destination training takes the focus off the scale, places it on what you want to do, where you want to go and who you want to be. In the process, we build lifelong friendships and memories by sharing common goals and experiences. We ask the question: “What is the one thing you have always wanted to do but never believed you could?” – We will help you get there.


Whether it is your first 5K, summiting a mountain top, an ultra-marathon or competing in power lifting, you will find the support and encouragement needed to get you there.


Event/Destination Training Programs currently include:

  • Vancouver Sun Run
  • Whistler Tough Mudder
  • Great Canadian Death Race

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